Litter Pick


To date we have now collected 123 bags of rubbish

What a great start to cleaning up Thornton-le-Dale for our residents and visitors.  We currently have over 60 residents on the volunteers list.

The first litter pick got off to an amazing start with 22 litter pickers and 8 kerbside gutter cleaners attending the first date in July, all together 35 bags of litter / gutter debris was collected. This was followed by a further two kerbside gutter cleans removing another 20 bags, the August clean up was attended by another 20 volunteers and produced another 22 bags of debris.

Further clean up days have been pencilled in for this year (See Upcoming Events).

Over the summer, we were delighted to welcome our youngest recruit Jack and hope that many more will accompany him. Jack’s energy levels were severely depleted so afterwards he had to consume numerous scones, flapjacks and chocolate biscuits in the Hills Memorial Institute, assisted ably by many wilting volunteers!

We will continue our kerbside gutter cleaning and litter picking in the coming months so we can return Thornton-le-Dale to its pristine condition.

Thornton le Dale Village Hub
We are a volunteer group involved in a range of activities to enhance the local community and the village environment

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