Phases for Thornton Le dale in Bloom

Nadr Rajab

Phase1 (July & August)

  1. Meeting with volunteers.
  2. Walk around the Village for ideas.
  3. Photograph areas for Bloom and Spring Bulb planting.
  4. Write up report for National Parks Conservation Officer.
  5. Deliver the report and set up meeting for feedback.
  6. Report to Parish Council to seek permission to plant Spring Bulbs.

Phase 2 (September & October)

  1. Meeting at National Park Headquarters with Planning Conservation Officer.
  2. Volunteer meeting to report back from meeting and discuss ideas and proposed plans.
  3. Launch Village Spring Bulb appeal.
  4. Make a plan for Bulb planting scheme
  5. October meeting with Volunteers about dates for planting Spring Bulbs.
  6. Speak to Ladies from WI possibility knitting flowers for Bloom in July.*
  7. Meeting and advice with specialist on wood planting ( Stuart )
  8. Set up 2nd meeting with National Parks to finalise planters for Bloom.

Phase 3 (November & December)

  1. Plant Spring Bulbs
  2. Prepare with Parish Council for planning application for planters.

Phase 4. (January & February)

  1. Volunteer meeting to discuss if we enter Yorkshire in Bloom *
  2. Submit planning permission to National Parks
  3. Price up compost & flowers for planters.
  4. Yorkshire in Bloom application to fill in *

Phase 5.  (March & April)

  1. Outcome of planning Permission
  2. Order planters.
  3. Volunteer meeting discussion to plan forward.

Phase 6 (May June)

  1. Volunteers meeting.

Phase 7. (July & August)

  1. Judging for Yorkshire in Bloom dates to be confirmed
Thornton le Dale Village Hub
We are a volunteer group involved in a range of activities to enhance the local community and the village environment

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