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Pond Project Phases


Phases for Pond Project. Following feedback from National Parks Head Ranger David Smith and Ryan Chenery on the Pond Report.

Phase 1 (July & August)

  1. Clean and cut down around the pond areas. Remove all the rubbish for parks to pick up. (3 sessions) on going through each phase.
  2. Meeting with David Smith to find out what we can and cannot do.
  3. Confirmation in writing from David Smith , so we can inform the Parish Council

Phase 2 (August & September)

  1. Cut down and tidy the areas around the pond.
  2. Remove all the cut backs, dead branches etc to central point at the top end
  3. Have the two carvings done by October and ear mark the next ones to be done.
  4. Have the gate removed.
  5. Take delivery of 2 new bins from National Parks
  6. Meeting by end of September with Head Ranger David Smith and Ryan Chenery.
  7. Start removal of 20% weed and wood around one metre diameter. (On going for the next few phases.)

Phase 3 (October & November)

  1. Permission from David Smith Head Ranger for Planting Blue Bell Wood, Wildflowers. Daffodil bulbs coming into car park on the edge of fencing and around picnic areas.
  2. Meeting with Ecologist about report for pond  *urgent*
  3. Working Party for Preparing Performance Area ready for bark. Tidy up areas around the pond.
  4. Working party to plant Blue Bell Wood and Bulbs.
  5. In pond to carry on removing dead wood and weed.
  6. Order picnic benches, for delivery in spring.
  7. Order Bug Houses and check on delivery dates. Email Rainbows and Beavers to let them know when they will be delivered.
  8. Check about Duck Houses, prices and when they could be delivered.
  9. Volunteer Meeting to discuss next couple of months

Phase 4. (December & January) weather permitting

  1. Receive the report from the Ecologist and have a meeting on how we move forward with the pond.
  2. Look into the plants to be used for the pond.
  3. Email Ecologist to submit dates for when we can go over to the island to tidy up.
  4. Parks to take down the 3 dead trees.
  5. Parks to repair the paths around the pond.
  6. Bug Houses to be delivered for the local Rainbows and Beavers to make up.
  7. Volunteers out, weather permitting, to have a tidy up around areas of the pond.
  8. Willow to be removed by National Parks
  9. Start work on the interpretive boards and  nature trail
  10. Order Interpretive Boards.
  11. Check about new benches and order 4 max.
  12. Have a meeting with Head Ranger David Smith on progress made and permission to carry on.

Phase 5. (February)  Weather permitting

  1. Meeting with pond volunteers about next step forward
  2. Tidy up around the pond area.
  3. Check and follow up what National Parks still have to do.
  4. Email Karl Barker to give dates of when we need carvings for picnic areas.
  5. Follow up email with company for picnic benches delivery date for April

Phase 6. (March & April)

  1. Meeting with volunteers. Expect to be busy next couple of months
  2. Tidy up around areas around the pond.
  3. Tidy up inside the pond.
  4. Tidy up on the island
  5. Receive new Memorial Benches.
  6. Receive Picnic Benches by latest April 18th ready for Easter Bank Holiday

Phase 7. (May)

  1. Meeting with volunteers for ideas on moving forward.




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